please translate

ahllan si ach khbarek kif b9ate sahetek chwia

hi h r u ?

Hello Mr. (…). What’s up? How’s your health now? Are you feeling better?

I guess that you removed the name after si.

well maybe but it can used without a name … like a fen a ssi , a fen a moulay , a fen a bba …
i think its slang , ive never heard someone using it in a formal way

hhhhhhhhhhh amazing how mad summarizes a whole line in 3 words, laaaaaaaaaaaaaazy :stuck_out_tongue:

lol i was making my diner :stuck_out_tongue:

good girl
mama’s proud of ya

:hap: ur lucky im goin to bed , otherwise id make u pay for what u said :wink:

hhhhh as if that matters, you just make it an excuse to not insult me coz you’re scared of me, wakha wakha it’s okay

tsbe7 3la khir a sidi

i dont wanna insult u coz i respect u not scared of u :wink: