please translate!

I am trying to explain “iron deficiency/shortage” to my moroccan girlfriend so that she can get some natural medicine for my mum.Can someone please translate into moroccan please. Thanks for any help

Iron deficiency is in Darja: naqS f l7dîd.
Apart from natural medicine, it’s also important to eat food high in iron content. Liver and spleen would do.

yeaaah and spinach and red meat! my mum makes me eat all that so much… yikhhhhhhh :frowning:
i should have known that! simple word… n9s… silly me :stuck_out_tongue:

Sometimes you just don’t get to remember a word when you need it so badly. Happens to all of us, you’re no alien ;).
And by the way, naqS f l7dîd is nothing spectacular from MSA, it’s plain MSA with a very slight pronunciation difference.

yeaaaaaah, you’re right, cos when mama explains it, she says the same words! it just didn’t come to me at all :blink: hehe! thankyou, SM :slight_smile:

thankyou so much for all your help…a big mmmahhhh to you all

no problem, that’s what we do here :hap:

yea we are here to help each other!

ahhhhhh, big smile c’est pour ca que j’adore ce forum :hap:

ahhhhhh, big smile c’est pour ca que j’adore ce forum :hap: