please translate to english

wlah hbiba ila tanhebbak wnmot 3lik!
ri kont bari nchofak mwhchi lik wsafi!
ama rbi li 3alm mhabti lik
hier wa3dtni jamai tbka tkalk aw tk3a mni, wdaba mchiti wkhalitini, yak! wakha fik!

this message was sent to a girl by my boyfriend, who is Moroccan. I am suspicious that he is being unfaithful, and I can understand some of the message but not all of it. I don’t want to involve anyone who translates the message, I just don’t want him to be able to lie to me anymore. Please understand, this is not something I would normally do, but he must not get away with cheating on me.
Any help would be muchly appreciated.

i swear sweety that i love you… & i’m dyin’ for you
i just wanted to see you cuz i missed you.
only god knows how much i do love you.
yesterday you promissed me, you won’t never get angry on me… and now you’re gone and you left me alone… just remember!!

that’s the translation… hope it’s ok now with your bf !
you’re 2nd message made me laughin’… haha moroccan guys are unfaithful woow :smiley:

Thank you very much for your translation. I don’t understand why he would send this message to that girl. She is in Morocco, and he is in a small town in Canada and we’ve been living together for 2 years. He just got his pemanent residence, and he tells me he has no plans to go back to Morocco. So he is definately playing with one of us! I would like to email her and warn her about him lol, and teach him a lesson to NEVER mess with a Canadian girl.
I don’t beleive all Moroccans are unfaithful. I know a couple of really nice Moroccan men living here in Canada, whose wives are still in Morocco, and they have never cheated on their wives.
Anyway, thanks again!

ow come on… we’re unfaithful maybe, but not all of us (like these men). at least i’m not lol
anyway, it’s a good thing, you warn her, or you lie to her and tell her that he told you about her, and he’s just playin’… and nothin’ is true from what he said… and go and pull his ears… it sounds maybe nice !! :smiley:

Sometimes my boyfriend is a bouhali…Most times he is wonderful. I am not sure what to do at this point. Your wife is very lucky!

i’m not married… i still wanna live the life i love :smiley:

Mzyan…what do you love about your life Amine?

everything !!

Run very fast and don’t look back :wink: Life is too short to be disrespected!

Bob marley once said : live the life you love but love the life you live.