Please translate this short sentence, choukrane.

ki dayra enti speakmoroccan? ana bikhir lhamdullilah. I hope you are well.

I was talking to a friend, he’s very shy and very sweet - we spoke in french mainly and chwiyya darija, he said something that I didn’t really understand, it’s very important for me to know what he was trying to say - could you kindly translate it please? choukrane bzef. Here is the sentence:

3mmar chi wahd ma hdar m3ak bhal hakka


I’ll give it a try

    [3mmar]  [chi wahd]        [ma]                 [hdar m3ak]     [bhal hakka]

lit. [ever] [some one] [did not] [talk with you] [like so]

hasn't anyone ever talked to you like that (before)?

no one has ever talked to you like this

Good job, Maarten. I doubt that the sentence was interrogative though. So both your translation and MR’s are right, give or take the interrogation mark.