please translate this for me

samir l3ab hda darkoum ghadi ngoulha l adil la nta oula had shrek tahouwa

Samir, go play next to your house or i’ll tell on you Adil, both you & this “shrek” too !

I didn’t get what they meant by “shrek” !

I know one and only “shrek”, the ugly green ogre !

That’s what i thought of too fist time i read the word :ok: just couldn’t see what or how & why would he call him the name of the green skinned oggre !!

I prehaps need to know wether Sloneczko saw this written or just heard it & typed with his/her own spelling.

yeah sure, he should enlighten us more about this mysterious “shrek”, which could be other thing than the green ogre… could it be possibe ?

Anyway people in general should give more informations about the situation that let them want to understand stuffs in Darija, I don’t like it when they create a topic called something as “please translate this”, and then when you open it, you find a sentense that sometimes looks wierd and has no sense. Well after all, you take time and try to make sense and translate it, and the worst part is they never come back… TRUE STORY