Please translate this for me. Thank you!

Boy: Achno kadiri
Boy: Mali nesift like message be9a on contact me3aya
Boy: Fen Kat mechi
Boy: Makntch msalya

Girl: Telephone dyali kan khasr mn mercredi ohowa 3and lm3alm
Girl: Wila mab9itich baghi dwi m3aya gulha liya
Girl: Rah machi bdit nt3asb rah t3asbt

Boy: what do you do?

Boy: why i send you messages, are you still in contact with me?

Boy: where did you go?

Boy: I’m not free ‘sence of busy’
is it helpful, i can translate the reste just give me sign

my phone was’t work since Wednesday and it’s under repaier

and if you don’t want to talk to me, just tell it to me

i’m not begain to be angry :rage: i’m very angry :triumph: