Please translate these text URGENT!

-hania hania
-O nta rak makat3tini walooo
-hhhh z3ma awla gha dawiii
-idik nifek rassk wejhk fomek 3aynik
-Bassl o kanbghik
-Bn8 kanbghik bzf ana
-O tw7shtk da3ma dwina
-lyom walo

Here you go!
hania hania- no issue
-O nta rak makat3tini walooo - and YOU don’t give me a thing (could mean also you re nti much of a help, depending on context)
-hhhh z3ma awla gha dawiii (lol like you d be able to help heal this/ or provide relief-depending on context)
-idik nifek rassk wejhk fomek 3aynik ( your hands, your nose, your head, your face, your mouth, your eyes)
-Bassl o kanbghik ( naughty/troublemaker but I love you)
-Bn8 kanbghik bzf ana (with my intention of living you so much -if raw translated but, the essence of this is basically something is done or being said only because they love you)
-O tw7shtk da3ma dwina (missed you, we didn’t talk for a little while)
-lyom walo (today nothing)