Please translate, thank you so much :)

Salam Noura, sarahtan ana 3yit ma nkdab 3la Jessica, 3rfat kolchi daba bli ana wyak kantla9aw. Kola mra u bach kankdab 3liha ! Jessica kanbghiha bzaf wa3tha bzaf dyal lhwayj, bghit nmchi nchofha f bladha, u kanfkro n3icho m3a b3dytna hna f Imghrib wla Australia.

Ma bghitihch mazal ntla9a bik Lah9ach kanbghi Jessica, hadchi nti 3raftih ! Tla9ina zwinwnin u ntfar9o zwiwnin !

Ana ghadi nktab hach b English bach Jessica t3raf bli safi Salina ana wyak! Ma b9atch kati9 fya kangoliha chi haja katswalni Alf souaal.

Ma bghitihch nkhsar Jessica Lah9ach kant9a bik.

3afak matb9aych tswali fya wla la message la appel ? Hadchi kangolo lik bsah ila ana 3ziz 3lik bsah kima katgoli.

Hi Noura, honestly m tired of lying Jessica, she knew everything, that we’re hinging out.
In every time u make a lie! I love Jessica so much and I promise her a lot of things, i wanna go see her in her country, and we’re planning to live together here in morocco or in Australia.

I don’t wanna see you again because I love Jessica, and you kno this. We meet good now we will separate good! (A Moroccan sentence)
I will write this with English to make her know that I finished with you! She stopped trusting me and when i tell her something she asks me a lot of questions.

I don’t wanna lose Jessica because m meeting you.

And look stop checking on me or texting me or calling too. And I’m telling you this for real.

(Sorry for my bad English but that’s what i got for now, if you want me to translate more ask for Dm)

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Thank you so much! This is amazing :slight_smile:

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Hi Noura, To be frank I am done lying to Jessica. She knows we hang out. Every time a different lie, while I care about her a lot. I am planning to visit her in her home country. We are considering living together here in Morocco or in Australia.

We can’t meet anymore, because I love Jessica. You knew this from the beginning. We started on good terms lets end in good terms.

I am going to write this also in English so Jessica knows its over between You and me. She does not trust me anymore. If I tell her something, I’ll get a thousand questions.

Please don’t contact me any more, no more text or calls. If you care about me as you say you will respect this.

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