Please translate in english

How to say in darrija:

hi how are you? I would like to let you know that my friend is not too happy because he and his wife has an arguement over you. can you leave them alone? Don’t annoy them. because you are very annoy person. Hey you need to focus on your wife. you need to respect them as marriage. Thanks

Thanks so much

“salam, labace? ghir bghit negoulik belli sahbi mqalaq, hit dabaz m3a martou bisbabek. 3tihoum bitisa3. rak mebarzathoum. diha fi martak wehtarem jewaj dyalhoum. choukrane”

thats a nice way lol
if he didnt understand it :stuck_out_tongue: i can give the dirty version hhhh

i like it, beautifully put.

3tihoum bitisa3- what exactly does itisa3 mean? i always hear 3la itisa3…

mebarzathoum- what does barz mean is it like rakiz

fdel, if u want a a dirty version
mad is ur man


ach, tisa3 is space
3tihoum bitisa3=======leave them alone
give them some space

tebarzit, not barz
means annoyance

chehal fik dyal tbarzit =========== ur veeery annoying

do you know the phrase 3la litisa3 or 3la itisa3? what does that mean then…to the space…


tbarzit mziane