Please translate in english

salut zine sa va ? ki dayra laila ? ach t3awdi ? kayn chi jadid ?

lahmdo lahe akhouya onta hade sa3a makaynche za3ma chi jadide ana daba fe usa ou kayne lbarde bazafe ou twa7chate lmghtribe onta .

Iwa mabrouk wallah ila sa va ana yallah ghadi namchi l bled fi chhar 2 ghadi nraya7 chi chhar tamma . iwa walafti chouiya ? ki jak al jo tamma ? rah USA 7ssan man al maghrib ma3andak matwa7chi fih ghadi twalfi .

Thanks so much

give it a rough go: hey beautiful hows it going? hows laila? whats up? anything new?

hamdoulillah bro these days nothing new right now im in the usa and its really cold and i miss (either a typo and he meant to say lmaghreb, or he has a clique or something he calls the maghtribe :D) and you.

yup well for real congratulations glad you’re well i’m going to the country in a month or two gonna chill for about a month there. so you’ve been making it do what it do a little? how do you like the air/weather/scene there? usa is better than lmaghreb (:D) you dont have anything to miss, you’re gonna make it do what it do.

Thanks so much

hope that helped might be a couple mistakes but yea

…in month 2 —> February


Ach, does “make it do what it do” in English mean to get along & fit in a place/ambiance/environment ?

very loosely hhhhhh your translation is better

make it do what it do means you get it poppin, do your thing, get it done, make progress, make it do what it do

So “wallaf” is actually a bit different meaning…like when you move to a new city/neighbourhood & u need some time to wellef the new ambiance…until the place becomes familiar & you get used to it.

wlafti mziane daba wliti maghribi

Thanks so much for the translation.

you’re welcome fdel, any time :hap: