Please Translate Asap

Hello can someone translate these phrases into english for me please?

(1) alah ysahal fchi wald nasss
(2) rak mazal f himarat
(3) beauiful chkour khaltek
(4) hadchi bogosse
(5) iwa 3andak taghlat
(6) mazala katsawani alik
(7) she is nice 39lat 3liya
(8) jiti zwin f dak foto dial msn zbat
(9) forma dial chiaffer
(10) bessaha
(11) 3ajbo maroc
(12) 3ando la femme et l enfant
(13) fin wsalti m3a brasil…mary her asahbi
(14) hcen lik 3ah marocaine 3hi kofrates

I will be waiting thank you! :slight_smile:

(1) may got give you a good guy
(3) beautiful, say thanks to your aunty (mother’s side)
(4) that’s nice
(5) don’t make a mistake
(6) she still asks about your news
(7) she is nice, she remembers me
(8) you looked nice on that picture in msn
(9) looks like a truck driver
(10) enjoy it!
(11) he likes morocco
(12) he has a wife and kids
(13) what’s new with Brazil…marry her dude
(14) better for you, Moroccan girls are ugly