please!!!!!! MOST IMPORTANT

what mean zamra ???

well its a swear word but i dont know how to explain it

I like reading Abeer’s translation requests, they’re always funny :lol:

i’ve heard this word before in a moro rap song (i think), but it sounded more like jamrah

‘zammara’ means something like a faker who puts on airs and tries to make people believe that he/she has lots of power over others. I think. Please post for us your approximation, MonPaysMarOc. Thank you.

OOOPPS, I meant to ask MarocRulz as well.

I think ‘jamra’ means ‘hot coals’

Hot coals is jamrah, indeed. But not our word here.

Zammara to me is a verb, to play Mizmar (Flute?). Not our word, either.

Zmra is a swear word, but not a very bad one. It’s something like trash. It’s just a beep word you say when you want to insult someone or call them names, and yet you’re too polite to use anything offensive. Sometimes we use it jokingly “a hâd zzmra hâdî, stop fooling around”.

Notice, you change ONE letter in zamra, and it becomes one big hit of a swear word. Beware.