please i need your help :) thanks

slt zen samhi lia bazaf hit kalitak katsanay ana waslt l dar hamdollilah busa =

nn c po grave omar l’essentiel howa anak wsalti en bonne santé et j’espére ke t’a arrivé à résoudre ton prob si nn nta ça va =

chokran a zen sava hmd saraha twahcht sotak wrak 3azete 3lia bazaf waka mab9inach m3a ba3deyatna bazaf rak 3ziza 3lia w tanhtarmak bazaf …BUSA =

merci zin diali c réciproque wlh moi aussi 3zaziti 3lia obezaf mm on a po passé bcp de temps mais je ss la raison car t’es supergentil et je te respecte bcp car tu le mérite aussi reste comme t’es mtn^^lol ah he9a kif tra hta tfakertini hier^^yalah machi mochkil et dsl ila baezatak =

omar le pauvre, he’s being spied on :stuck_out_tongue:

ok so:

hello beauutiful, sorry coz i kalitak you waiting, i arrived home thank god, kiss.

no it’s okay omar, what’s important is that you got home in good health and i hope that you resolved your problem, otherwise it’s all good?

thanks beautiful, thank God im ok, honestly i missed your voice and you’re so dear to me…(something something), i respect you a lot… kiss

thanks hun, it’s reciprocal (same with me), i swear me too you’re so precious to me even though we didnt spend a lot of time, i know/am the reason why you’re so kind and i respect you a lot coz you deserve it and stay the way you are now ^^ (cute face)… lol ah (something something) ^^ (cute face again) ok not important and sorry if ____you

there you are, i did what i can, someone else can correct me

i think they meant
kalitak as khalitak - i left you…
and baezatak as barzatak - bothered you

my attempt at this line:
mab9inach m3a ba3deyatna bazaf rak 3ziza 3lia w - we didnt stay together a lot i really like you and…

correct me also if needed…

thanks mimi, some people have funny spelling sometimes and its hard to decipher what they’re saying, especially for a newbie like me :smiley: