Please help !!!

please could somone translate this for me ?
I want to send a mail to my man in morocco in his own language…

it should be like this :

schatzi i just want to tell u that u are my one and only true love.please never doubt on that.u are my heart and u are my soul.u are my life, my are the sweetest and the most beautiful man all over the world.i can´t live without u anymore.i will be your crazy wife forever.i can´t wait to be in your arms, to feel u, smell u, kiss will be the happiest day in my life.only to be with u is all iam wishing for.oh baby be sure that i will love u forever and no other man can ever take your place in my heart.we will be together forever.
I love u and i always will till the rest of my life.
kiss u my one and only true love.

I hope someone can translate that for me

shoukran bzzaf