Please Help

Please help translate this-

Kuhadi Dubira

I may have spelt it wrong, please excuse any mistakes. Thanks in advance.

It’s not understandable, try to give different spellings as you hear it repeatedly (in case its a song or sth)

Thanks for replying. I was told that it means more than I love you. I hope this helps someone understand this and correct my spelling.

I can’t figure out what this means, either.

I love you is kanbghik. So you can see that it is nowhere near the words you wrote. Where did you hear them? Is there any way for us to hear that too?

This was told to me by a girl from Morocco, I will ask her again.

Thanks a lot for all your help.

How do you say-

" Will you be my girlfriend, I am madly in love with you "

tsa7bi m3aya ? ana kan7maaaaaa9 3lik

Thanks a million.

this is hilarial

“Kuhadi Dubira” ??? does the ma’am speak Hindi??? xD

May be it is said in Amazigh

I tried to read the two words in various ways to catch any similarities with any Darija or Tachelhit words, but no luck.

Dounia01’s guy, please get back to us with the correct spelling, and satisfy our curiosity.

Admin, what do u mean by Dounia’s guy??? lol… how do u know his gf’s name is Dounia?

It just felt strange calling the guy Dounia… So I added that to his nickname.

lol fair enough :smiley: