please help with translation

please can anyone help with translation ???

theim schiki theim nah,
theim asnan thi lalah


Where did you get that from? The only words I recognize areasnan, which means teeth in MSA. And lalah, which means for God.
If you can give a context, maybe I can guess the rest too.

hi SimplyMoroccan,

a friend found it online and she wanted me to ask my friend to translate but he asked all of his family without success.
i really have no idea where she found it… :no:
so i will ask her again…may be she can tell me more
but thanks for trying… :^^:


Yes please, because at first sight, this doesn’t look like Moroccan Darija at all. I just thought that someone living in Germany for example could have written then with a German-influenced transcription.
Anyways, if you got anything new, just post it here and I’ll see if things get clearer.