Please help with english to moroccan translation - Shokran!!

Hello, I was hoping someone can help to translate the following so I can type it in an email to a friend.

I just had a dream that you were sitting at the front steps of your first house with your father.

You were talking and talking but I couldn’t hear what you were saying.

He was sitting quiet, peeling three oranges.

I saw you showed him the tattoo.

He gave you a small cedar box and said in perfect english -

“your views are not the same, shes sees sun, you see rain.”

Inside the box was two small gold charms for a necklace.

Guess what they were.

ana yalla hlemt kunti gels f droj d awl dar dyalk m3a babak
kunti kad hdar wala9in makuntch knsma3 chnu kunti kad gul
howa ken sekt w ken ky9achr 3 d lichines
choftk writo tatouage dyalk
w howa 3tek 1 carton sghire (sorry i dont know what a ceder box is so i just but a small box) w galk b anglais
“ntouma makadchofoch bhal bhal, heya kadchof shems wnta kadchof chta”
w f lwast d lcarton ken 2 … (sorry dont know what a charm is) dahbiyn dyal sensla
chnu keno ?

hmmm i think thats about it lol :slight_smile: but id wait for someone else to reply back bcoz i dont know moroccan that great :slight_smile: