Please help translate a sentence

Hi , maybe you can help me too, i’m in love with a very nice moroccan guy, and of course i want to surprice him !
Can you please help me ??

"I’m sorry you’re in so much pain, i wish there was something i could do… take care of yourself so you’ll recouver quickly… sleep tight my love… "

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“Kantmnnâ kôn kânt shî 7âjâ nqdr ndîrhâ bâsh nkhff 3lîk l2alam dyâlk. T-hllâ f râsk bâsh tbrâ dghyâ. Tsb7 3lâ khîr a 7bîbî”.

= “I hope there is something I could do to lessen your pain. Take care of yourself so that you recover quickly. Good night sweetheart”.

See, I made a few modifications, because we do not use the expression “I am sorry you’re…”.
I hope this helps.

Thanks a lot !1 I’m from Belgium, and i have no idea what you meen with the numbers in the words :frowning: i want to send this in an text message to him…

As he is Moroccan, he will understand everything. Arabic has some letters that do not exist in the Latin alphabet, and to transcribe them, we use commonly known symbols by Arabs. My “â” is for long a, just use “a” instead to make it simple for you, and don’t worry for the rest.

Thank you very much, as you said he understood, he also explained to me what the numbers mean. He was very thouched :slight_smile:
So i’m so happy you helped me ! :^^:

There is so much i have to learn tho, he’s the first moslim that i date, and i don’t want to offend him or his family. I’m so in love with him, but i have the feeling he holds himself back, cause for him it is not done that his life partner doesn’t have the same religion. For me, i just want to wait and see what happens between us, and maybe i’ll decide to follow him in his religion, i don’t know cause i don’t know so much of it anyway. But i really want to give it a chance, while i think he is scared to start loving me to much, while i don’t fit in his life profile, do you understand? But i don’t give up so easy !! :hap: and i’ll do my best to show him how much he means to me… so i need to know hoe i can say thing without offending him…

You know, it’s not forbidden in Islam for a Muslim guy to marry a non-Muslim, as long as she is from the “people of the book”.
For you to make sure you don’t say anything offending, you can always refer to us here. Although in fact, it’s somehow clear that everything is fine as long as you don’t ask for something that goes against his principles as a Muslim. For example, it would possibly be fine for you to consider living with a partner without marrying him, while it wouldn’t be a good idea to suggest this to a Muslim guy.
Anyways, you can also ask away if you need to understand culture-related subjects. Feel free to open separate threads in the general discussion forum too.

Thank you very much…

No i know he told me it is not forbidden, but for him personnaly it is very important that he and his live partner have the same religion. I respect that. But it’s also hard for me, as i feel that whatever i will do, it will never be good enough, as long i’m not moslim, while it’s not my fault i was never brought up in that religion. And if we get through everything, and we are very happy, and it is still a problem for him, i will concider to become moslime, but for me that’s still far away… :hm: But you hear so many times that there are mixed couples, but the guy or girl will never get serious cause at the end he/she’ll only marry in her religion or culture… :cry:

So i guess i just have to trust him, make the best of it, and in the meantime learn as much as possible.
I eat with him, with my hands, no meat that’s not prepared the right way, i told him if i was ever to meet is parents, i won’t mind waring a scarf, cause i don’t want to offend them… But as i understand, girlfriend never get to see the parents.
I have to learn and ajust so much now, as you say i already guessed that living together wasn’t an option. And i’m also devoreced and have a child, you can imagen !! I’m used of spending the weekend with the inlaws, even when i was just dating… :^^:
I am meeting his sister soon, he arranged that, so i guess that’s a start.

But we’ll see, i hope i get some good tips here how to behave ! :^^:

Is there anything that is really important for his culture/ religian, that i can suprice him with, of course i could ask him, but then it wouldn’t be a suprice… Food, presents, poemes, anything would do ! :hap:

Thanks a lot !