PLease help me translate to morrocan

Can someone help me translate this into moroccan.
My mother in called me and I couldnt understand our conversation.


Translate this please!

[color=#19bce5]Im sorry I didnt understand you over the phone.
I wish i knew how to speak moroccan.
I love you and miss you.
Thank you for the birthday wishes.[/color]

[color=#19bce5]Godwilling I learn to speak moroccan or arabic.[/color]

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I assume you want to try and read the translation to her, so I am giving you the transcription in Latin letters. If you want to send it as a written message instead, then you should let us know to write it in Arabic letters for you instead.

Here is the translation.

Sem7ilia 7it ma fhemtekch f téléphone.
Koun ghir ken kanhder b darija.
Ana kanbghik, w twe7echtek.
Shokran 3la lmotamanniyat dial 3id lmilad.
In sha Allah ghadi net3ellem nehder b darija oula lfos7a.

In short:
3 stands for a sharp a.
7 stands for an aspire h.