Please help me translate to darija

I know that there are more expressive ways to say things in darija. Kanbghrik is I love you, but I have explained that I have not said I love you to another in many years, so I love you means something to me. I’d like to know why kanbghrik is more expressive than I love you.

Here is what I want to say in darija and while I can get some done by myself, I don’t want to put the words in the wrong places. Also, if there is a better way to say this, please let me know and the meaning.

"I gave you my heart because…

Swimming in a sea of emotions I began drowning in your kisses.

Walking along the shoreline I got lost in your eyes.

Lost in the dark I found light from your smile.


My heart has never loved before it began to love you.

I see a future with you. Only you."