Please help me translate this simple sentence...

I want to text the following in Moroccan arabic. Its to a
female by the way.

Note: i need it in arabic letters.

  1. “I miss you more”

  2. “My goo goo” (goo goo is a nick name so it just needs to be changed into arabic letters"

  3. “I”

Thanks a million!

Ps. If your computer keyboard doesnt have arabic then its ok to translate it to Moroccan arabic in English letters.

Maybe if it’s urgent i’m responding but my translations should only be trusted 50%

  1. I miss you more = twa7chtek plus
  2. My goo goo = gooo gooo dialy
  3. I = ana

Thanks a million = milyon milyon shukran :stuck_out_tongue:

Plus?? Isnt that English?

it could be, but it obviously isn’t in the context since u didn’t ask me to translate INTO english but from english :slight_smile: plus is french, every moroccan would understand what is implied here, basically it means “more”. if u don’t trust it wait for more people to post.

Sorry LallaAich…its not that i dont trust you. I was just curious. Really appreciate your input by the way :slight_smile:

Anyone in arabic please (Moroccan Arabic). I just want to say:

  1. I miss you more


  1. My goo goo

i miss u more = twe7echtk kter

my goo goo = goo goo diali

[quote=Madridista]i miss u more = twe7echtk kter

my goo goo = goo goo diali[/quote]
i suppose that could be said to a male and female…right?

yes :wink: