Please help me translate - Kidayra achno kataawadi - a desperate girl

Hi can you please translate Kidayra achno kataawadi - thnak you so much Naoemi!

Mliha…mais katdrabe kase - what does this mean is my boy friend cheating on me - thank you soooo much!!!

the fisrt one:
i think i can be trabslated as: how are you? what do you tell me? (in the sense when you meet some one and you start to talk with him/her asking them news etc…)
kidayra-----> how are you
achno-----> what
kataawadi----->i looked in the dictionary,and the most reasonable mean is “tell”

(sorry for my bad english,hope you understand my translation)

Thank you so much for your help much appreciated!!! Can somebody translate Mliha…mais katdrabe kase thank you!!!


achno kataawadi - to me anyways, means “what have you been up to?” < in english slang terms

Mliha…mais katdrabe kase < no idea, i know its not moroccan or egyptian, it might be lebanese maybe, because of the ‘mliha’ part. i’ve never heard of this line and neither have any of my friends

I confirm achno kataawadi is"what have you been up to?" or “what’s up?”

Mliha…mais katdrabe kase it took me a while to understand it :neu:

Mliha = good (feminine form)
mais = but (it’s French not Arabic)
katdrabe = literally to kick but here it means have or drink
kase = glass (most probably a glass of alcohol)
So to put it in a nut shell “Mliha…mais katdrabe kase” is “she’s good… but she is drinking a glass of alcohol”

thank you sooo much for the help much appreciated :^^:


achno kataawadi - to me anyways, means “what have you been up to?” < in english slang terms[/quote]
:smiley: :^^: :mdr: thanksssssss i’m not expert with slang…