Please help me I really need help to translate these

I will be coming on here every now and again asking for messages to be translated. They may seem stupid but I need to know what is being said and done, I’m so tired of being lied to. Please if someone can help me, even off this email me and I will email you the message directly when I get them.

Kes ke tu as decide? on mange ensemble ana rah fiya sekhfa kes ke je fe? Je t’attends ou pas? Respond moi

I think I figured it out the arabic part had me but I think it says.

What did you decide? do we eat together I want fiya( is fire so I think BBQ meat) do I wait or not answer me.

I understand most of the message except the slang arabic stuff or shortened version of words Same with the french. Sorry people another stupid message but I needed to know.

since u understand most of the sentence … plz post only words u cant get and i will be happy to translate them to u and other members too
this is a forum for learning darija not for translatin private messages … i know there is no law in this forum that prohibits such threads but do u want to c ur private msgs published in a forum that everybody has access to it !!!