please help for a short message

masa3 l khayr kamlin

please someone help me with translation of this short message…

I’d like to meet you…maybe…someday…

by the way…stop looking at me that way when you are driving!

this is for a boy,i guess you’ll understand i’m not having a serious tone…:mdr:
thanks in advance!

Wili ! You say msa lkhir when it’s early morning? Lla! It’s sba7 lkhir ;).

Bghit ntlaqa bik… ymkn… shi nhar.

Ma tbqash t7nzez fiyya mlli tkoun katsoug.
And yes, this one does have a joking tone.

Lol That’s quite funny…
He’s gonna have a mishap if he goes on like this… !

ook let me explain…i was in the clouds… :mdr: yes yes…it’s sba7 l khayr. :^^:
a question: TKOUN works for the future and also as a present progressive?

Yep! It does.


  • Mlli ghâdî tkôn f fransa = When you will be in France. [Tkôn = “To be” in the future]
  • Mllî tkôn katqra = When you’re studying. [Tkôn = Present participle of “to be” accompanying the verb qra to form the present continous]

thanks Simply Moroccan!! i have soooooooo much to learn…sometimes i get scared by all things i’ve still to learn…:blink:

oh yeessss…and another question… Qamar is moon in Darija and Msa (i hope to be right) but why in a song ( by Hasna) and on tv while a baby was talking about full moon i heard and READ Qamara ??

I am not sure I got your question!
Msa = Evening.
Qamar = Moon.
What’s your question? And show me that song too.

here is the link
with translation of Marsoul l hobb

my question is why is written Qamara? not qamar? it’s not the first example i see of this fact:blink: