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I’m getting ready to travel to Morocco May 3rd -17th and was hoping that I might get some recommendations on a nice place to stay.

Does anyone know of a nice Riad in Fez? My budget is around 140-150 a night. Does anyone have some suggestions?


You’ve been already to Fez, right? For the previous edition of the Morocco Business Forum?
Since you’re part of the organization committe (or I am mistaken?), how come yo do not know about places where to stay? I personally did try to get some information about this (since I am interested in attending the forum) and I received some information after contacting the website. The cheapest hotel was this one:
3 Star - Hotel De La Paix - 250 Dirhams (single room / bed breakfast)
No idea if it can get any cheaper, but according to my experience with Moroccan hotels: the cheaper, the worst!

Have you ever heard of The View From Fez? Maybe you can contact them for info about hosting in Fez. It’s a riad’s blog, and they must be aware of the best offers of the city.
Any result you get, please do share it with us in here too, I’ll appreciate it.

just now you came from work

Excuse-me, but what do you mean? And who are you addressing?

Roxan was apparently mistaken about the thread and was looking for a translation.