Pink Glove Dance

Za3ma says this is cruuuuuzy


why don’t we do stuffz like that in morocco???

don’t they have that freezer dudes in morocco, i forgot what they’re called but they stay frozen (not literally) in really crowded places for HOURS without moving a muscle, people walk past and just stare at them… and there’s about 50 of them or more probably… but then again, they don’t take part in that for any causes, it’s just fun :smiley:

yeah true lalla … that was in rabat i think … there were theatre students

i saw the one in marrakech, was craaaaaaaiiizyy, in djma el fna

ahhaaaaa coool … i saw another one in agadir but marrakech no

if i was taking part in something like that i would laugh the minute someone looks in shock

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh me tooooo

well of course YOU would, you even laugh at the grass growing gigglepot

loolllll dont mix with me and u

would i ever do that??? no wayyyy, it’s like mixing a butterfly with a mosquito…

[small]you’re the mosquito[/small]

loooolll i eat both of them coz im a Cameleon hhhhhhhh

cameleon? ohh i thought u were something else, with no legs etc. nevermind :slight_smile:

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i give the lion a good maria :smiley: and he said ok ok be whatever u like :stuck_out_tongue:

looooooooool maria ha? is she italian or greek? hhhh

looollll no no from jamaica hhhhh

LA, well exactly, morrocans just stood there doing nothing
how lazy is that???

hhhhhhhh za3ma ne3tek 100 bucks ghir b9ay sakta 1 hour :stuck_out_tongue:

sakta ma njich l forum???
oulla sakta in real life???
100 bucks dyali baghaha cash
w btw, buck machi heya dirham elli guelti in another topic

wajad 3omar

lla bucks = euros :stuck_out_tongue:
mchat ?


u didn’t tell me
fayn w kifach naskout