Photos of Tlemcen ALGERIA

Wow! Thank you for all the photos, darija_dialna. I would have preferred though if you had posted them in a full size, so that we don’t have to click on the miniatures, and go back and forth from the forum to the image hosting website.

Some of the photos look very familiar, and so much like “home”.
And oh my God! Look at that photo with the music band in a tent. Are you sure it’s Algeria? Do you guys also have that kind of tents? Was that a wedding? We use them for weddings here!

Of course i’m :mdr: yes andalous musician have that kind of tents :hap: Tlemcen is not far from oujda :wink:
Tlemsane is a city near moroccan-algerian border

but these tents are just culture of extreme-west algeria not all algeria

Looks good! Reminds me of Morocco.

How come in ZOUJ BGHAL they have the Moroccan flag their? Is it a border?

thanks :slight_smile:

zouj bghal is the moroccan- algerian border

OK, and maybe you can answer this. Is it true that the Moroccan-Algerian border is closed… As in we (Us Moroccans) cannot cross into Algeria and vice versa?

Yes :neu::neu: algeria recently openned the border for let a convoy of support for Palestine cross zouj bghal but they re-closed it few days after

Photo of algerians and moroccans taken in Lalla Setti (Algeria) when they temporarily openned the border

Ahh thats good to hear, who was crossing? Moroccans into Algeria?

I would like to see Algeria some time, I work with a few guys who worked in Algeria.

you’re welcome in both countries ,
and you where are you from?

both , because many moroccans have their family living in algeria and vice versa

I am Moroccan descent, born in Canada.

Yea I know of some Algerians who live/visit Morocco.

yes that’s why this border must open