peace corps in morocco

i really like her darija :stuck_out_tongue: so sexy hihihi


guys speaking darija is not impossible :wink:

I wonder if Achminfar9 talks like that :rofl:

u mean sexy like her :open_mouth: ??? i dont think so hhhhhh

That’s Darija in English accent. Anyway great that there’s still hope… (to learn to speak darija not sth else)

so lazy to watch
can someone tell me what’s the swear abt???

its about u

i don’t wanna be mean
but THAT
to me
listening to thattttttt
dunno about the rest of ya

worst. accent. ever. thats awful. and shes just reading a paper…akeed after she came down from the podium some moroccans tried 2 talk 2 her in darija and she couldnt hang lol…sorry thats mean its just hating on pc volunteers in morocco used 2 be 1 of my favorite pastimes hhhhhhh.

@PB: !!! awilli akhaina 3aoudo bllah

mad broseph shes homely!!! i know u can do better

is she wearing stilts ba3da did anyone else see shes like 7 ft tall hhhhhh

hahahahahhahaahah come on duuuuudes its hard to have a good pronounciation in darija :s
she gave a try and this is the most important :smiley:
yallah i wanna hear u speakin darija … everyone of u is asked to grab himself speakin darija … :stuck_out_tongue:

w.e. man i think she needs some pronunciation lessons maybe u can help her out with that…ana lli tn7adar m3a nefsi toul lyoum dima dima

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh la la la bghinak tseftlna chi video :stuck_out_tongue: kathder fih b darija… yalah tz3em ???

willi bzaf 3lek asa7bi wana hina fl ga3 lrif 3ndi ri 7amar diali…tyejri bach tynour ampoule wa7id wal ordinateur…3aichin f jahilia hina

w fein ltabadoul…nta loual sift lina chi message blanglais bach ntfarnasou mazian

l3az w l39ouba 3lia :stuck_out_tongue:

hahahahahahhhaah dude my pronouciation in english sux this is why i want u to improve urs in darija :stuck_out_tongue:

ps- dont use “wili” lol thats only for women :smiley: … u’ll look like a gay sayin it
u can use ‘‘nari’’

iwa asa7bi b7al ma 9olt ltabadoul necessaire bzaf fkhassni nchouf lmarad bach n3araf ldoua :^^:

ps- dam i know somebody got me into a bad habit saying it all the time, question what about did you ever hear someone say awayli…what about that i think thats what i used 2 say a lot but i cant remember

hahahhahahahahahah ok lets c ur disease first then mine hhh

dude i dont know but personally ive never heard a man in morocco sayin WILI or AWAYLI … thats for girls
well maybe we gotta wait for another native to confirm

oh mad ur so masculine and manly i wish i could be like you

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wtf
did u learn ur darija from girls or what ???
i can help u if u want :smiley: u’ll be a real moroccan gangstah hhhhh