Passion for Moroccan Fashion ;)

i really [color=#f50938]HEART[/color] moroccan designed clothing, not necesary MADE by moroccans, but clothing that express moroccan culture and fashion in general. Like some of these kaftans and shiz below :smiley:

Although i prefer the less revealing type of dresses, i really like the style of these, tell me what you think!

This last pic is not of a kaftan, it’s a berber girl from Morocco, before her wedding i think… anywho i like the orange-ness

Oh and i forgot; if you have any nice pictures too, feel free to post :wink:

thnx for sharing a Lalla Aicha :slight_smile:
then we should make this a kaftan thread :slight_smile:

Good idea MarocRulz, don’t hesitate to upload anything u got :slight_smile:

These are a bit too over the top for me (being overly decorative, I mean), but I eagerly awaiting the opportunity to make myself a djellaba :^^: I got one when I was in Morocco, but it wasn’t exactly what I wanted so I’ll give it on to someone and make one to my liking. If anyone has nice “recipes” for djellaba’s, feel free to share the info :mdr::ok:

Jonquix these aren’t for daily use anyway :wink:

i also love djellabas, i have something that looks like one, except its shorter + its woolly and i wear it 24/7 in winter (at home of course) lol but i want one like this: Rim-K’s Djellaba

Ah but I wouldn’t use them for celebrations either, I prefer… things more simple :unsure:

That picture you just put up of a djellaba is precisely of the kind I like! Though slightly thicker fabric perhaps - but I guess for summer, it’s rather nice :okay: Now I only need to sew one …:fouet::pilot:

fair enough, i see where you’re coming from… well good luck with sewing a djellaba :smiley: show us what it ends up looking like :slight_smile:

the second pic is absolutely incredible!! :crazy: i adored it!!! :cool: the 4th one reminded me chiness stily lol )))) and on the last one i liked bezaf her jewelry: necklaces & earrings, - they are so colorful and truly ethnic i think :okay:

no problem, sure!

moroccain dresses r fab. like takchita is nice nowa days. there is so much different styles,

but u gota hav the money to buy a nice one or get it made and buy the material yourself. takichta’s can be really heavy and sweaty especially when ur in a wedding dancing lol.

but there are nice ones, i have that much ideas on how i would like my clothes to be and stuff. only if i had my own lil fashion wear. wud b great. jus fantasizin lol x:^^:

well nadz establish your own little moroccan fashion designing company and give us discounts :stuck_out_tongue:

i would well make money if i gave everyone discount.
well i would lov to.

just startin it now. let u no tcx

gd luck hun! :ok:

lol will do. goin to morocco in couple of hours cant wait oooooooooo… how long does flight take from madrid to fez u fink?
hour n half is it. cos u.k is 2hours 10min from u.k to madird. x

dunno, sorry. but im guessing it’ll be pretty much around that long too, or even shorter, coz spain is real close to morocco… enjoyyyyyy, im bare jealous of ya!

I totally agree with you, I am always too shy, when I am in Morocco to ask the people if I could take a picture…I tried last year to take some of the style in Essaouira but because of my broken hand it doesn´t works and all the pics I had taken are not shar, I am impressed by the cool style of the young men like the Saharaouis mixed traditional ganduras and embroidered tunics with blue jeans and elegant Babouche.

i love the pics you put up :slight_smile: me too i really really really LOVE moroccan fashion :slight_smile: when i get a change ill upload some pics of some of my designs that i got made :slight_smile: and the designs i did for my cousins wedding :slight_smile:

Ooh, can’t wait to see the pics. Funny, I have this idea for some things I want to make for the US. I have a feeling that someone in Morocco could really make them very stylish. Someday I will travel there and answer this question :slight_smile:

yaaayyy me too can’t wait to see pics… moroccan dresses are always so gorgeous