Parler en émoticônes

:ok: c’est possible ! C’est même une :okay: idée !
Alors, tout le monde est en :beach:? Ou bien encore en :sac:?

NB: Regardez plutôt l’émoticone, que son code. :wink:

I give this site a :okay: It really makes me :^^: to know people here are :welcome: :ty: You guys are so :cool:

You’re :welcome:. It’s ::okay: that you also understand French. :scrm:
Don’t you feel that we are more :girlie: here than :hat:?

ana :hat: , :sorry: - walakin :girlie: hôma :welcome: - :fouet:

Lllllâ!! :no::no::no: I never said that.
We do not :hospital: the :hat: that come here, they just seem to be :blush: or :sleep:.
As for us, we are :scrm: to have you :hat: with us. :wink:

mânish :blush: walakîn, mara mara :sleep:

yes it does seem like there are more :girlie: than :hat: but it seems :flag: like everyone get along well :smiley:

this topic is a :dance: idea. :mdr:

:mdr::mdr: I really :clap: this lil’ fellas, but wow, this is a little over the top! :mdr: Let’s see if it works to :msk: like this. The tricky part is getting through a single sentence without :rofl: so much that :hospital:. Uf uf, need to take a :sleep:


:hi: everybody! How :sick: guys? Im :clap: and i hope that u’re all :okay: :smiley: