Our photogallery -_-

Why is it empty ? :frowning:

I have an idea ! every moroccan member can take pictures of his beautifull city (I like natural ones :)) and post them in the photo gallery, what do you think? even non-moroccans members can show us the pics of their city, with one condition take those pictures by yourself, let us see the artist in you :okay:

Ya thats a good idea!!!

Hum… Actually, we have two choices:

  • Have a photo gallery here in the forum where all members can post their own photos.
  • Or have a photos section in the website (which is still empty now) where we admins can put photos taken by us or provided by members.
    I guess that the first option (already suggested by another member too) is the best one. It really is on my to-do-list, I am the one to blame for not having it already ashamed. Inshallah I’ll work on having it ASAP.
    Thanks for the suggestions, Meriem :).

I was talking about the “photos section in the website” but the 1st idea is good too, I know you have a lot of work to do, thats why I suggested to help, sure if others wanted to do so, then it will be great.

Personnellement, je commence à avoir cette habitude de prendre des photos quand je sors en ville.
Et ce serait bien de les partager avec vous!!
Je suis content que j’ai compris tout seul “ASAP”…:hap:
c’est As Soon As Possible, non?:mdr:

yep thats correct