Oufff how can she slap????? xD

Please excuse the foul language.



Hahaha OOMFG, this is going direct to my favorites :smiley: i felt sorry for the guy u could hear him cry & everybody jumped on him

hahah the indian accent is the most hilarial thing ever, did u heard him say “you bast*rd”?? xD my bro impersonates them sooo good lool

LOOOOOOOOOOOL dont ya just love their accent!! lol I can do a wicked impression too, my mum loves it haha :mdr: but man did he slap her harder than she did! :huh: I’d bloody jump on him lol :wink:

hahaha… I have some sort of disorder where, if im talking to a person with an accent, i change my accent to theirs when im responding… i can’t help it :stuck_out_tongue:

omg that happens to me ALL the time when Im watching TV seriously I cant help myself lol :blink:

looool it’s Accent Variation Disorder, and we need a cure!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I know, b4 someone takes it offensively and then we’ll never speak again lol :blink:

haha baaad xD