Orchestre National de Barbès

Voici une chanson de l’Orchestre National de Barbès. Une joyeuse bande de douze musiciens algériens, marocains et français.

PS Could there be a relation between the speed at which one drives and the music one listens to?
I tend to drive faster when I hear a nice tune. The costly price of the speeding ticket I just received confirms that I quite like this song.

I like it. Joli goût, je trouve :).
J’A-D-O-R-E quand j’écoute une chanson avec une darija que je sens raffinée !

the title is called ‘touba’; would you translate this as ‘repentance’ / ‘remorse’ ? mp

Touba is repentance, not remorse.

What’s mp?


Ehm. Those are my initials. Don’t confuse it with the acronym MP. I’m many things but no Member of Parliament.

I actually guessed so, but I wasn’t sure.
I didn’t even think of Member of Parliament :hap:. First thought is: Message privé -lol-. Jargon de forum ! I was just wondering if I missed something.

For the music enthousiasts among us:
une autre chanson incontournable de ONB.
debout debout ! bouger! danser! il faut pas faire timide hein! on s’asseoit pas.