Only in Morocco you have this kind of conversation:

Post conversations or situations you know only take place in Morocco,

bch7al hadi? b 80. ara lia fiha seb3ine, wa rah b 60 ana bach wakhedha, yallah n7yyed lik mya deryal, ou ila l9itiha b had tamane aji l3ndi n3tiha lik fabor! wa safi safi aji fine ghadi, ara 20 dh yallah

Tobis nossou l9eddami mferchekh ou ennoss lorani ba9ialih d9i9a ou tch3el f mmo l3afia ou mektob fih 9dd sekht: votre securité et votre confort sont nos principaux objectifs: EPPPCHAAAAKH

Good ones.

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lol i wanna know what epchaaaaaaakkkkkhhhh is plz :smiley:

Actually to accurately translate epchaaaaakh is not really possible but you can use it in different senses.
F.e: If your angry or someone tried to to hurt you, you can tell about it to somebody else and on the end of the sentence use epchaaaakh.
Let me give you an example: Mshit lsou9 o kano braw i tal3o bia, ralaw 3lia taman. Mal9aw m3aman, epchaaaaakh.
I went to the marketplace and they tried to rip me of they increased their prices when I asked them about their goods. But they don’t know me epchaaaaakh.

But they don’t know me is then said in a sarcastic tone.

another conversation I’ve noticed that only occurs in Morocco:

Chi Film meddi 3ashra dial les Oscars w Ma khella 7ta chi ja2iza Kayji lmeghrib katwelli Smito Dak lfilm dial Lmtayfa ; dak Lfilm dial hadak 3azzi ; walla Lfilm lli fih dak Chibani lol :smiley:

A movie that won 10 Oscars and every other price their is to win, when that movie enters Morocco the name changes.
The name becomes that brawlmovie or that movie about that black guy or that movie about that old guy :smiley: lol

I get it, thanks :slight_smile:

@ La3robi : Shukran, and extra shukran for including translations :okay:

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