Online auctions website in Morocco (ebay) for or against?

Salamo alaikom

The concept of online auctions website is working good all around the world, the most known is of course “Ebay”, but in Morocco we almost never hear of stuff like that.

I taught of some points that may affect online auctions tool in Morocco;

  1. Not serious people either the seller or the buyer
  2. Hard to find websites that aims to fix the issue number 1
  3. Our Moroccan culture
  4. It not working well in France?!?

I would like your interaction on the subject, and if possible to mention some Moroccan websites dedicated to this subject.


i think it is a good to connect regular moroccan craftspeople with consumers more closely with especially cultural or touristic or artisanal products , eliminating as many middle men and importers as possible-- through the internet seems to be the best way to accomplish this.

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i cant believe ur talkin about that :smiley:
do u know how many hackers we have in morocco ??? personally i will never use sth like eBay in morocco :stuck_out_tongue: … if now im havin some troubles with an item i bought via eBay … thank God i used Paypal

Yeah, there’s a bunch of hackers in Maghreb. Sad, as I’m actually looking for someone who can make certain kinds of shirts. With all the junk in the Internet, would take me a long time to find someone legitimate.