One word .. plz

Guys I’d like to know the meaning… and some examples plz :slight_smile:

“nichan” -

Can I use it saying smth about persons or only about objects ?

Nishan is from Arabic fos7a “nishan” or “nayshan”, & it means “arrow” or “spear”, & goes also to mean similar objects that can be shot to a target from a distance.

In darija “nishan” means straight or direct, examples:

  • ka nmshi nishan, ma ka ndor la lyser la lymen (i walk straight ahead, i don’t turn neither to the left nor to the right).
  • had tran kimshi nishan mn casa l rbat, ma kiw9afsh f lmo7ammadya (this train goes from Casa directly to Rabat, it doesn’t stop at Mohammedia).

clear ?

yes, it is :ok:

Many thanks, Paperbird !

I like your explanations :slight_smile:

a slang use of the word nichan is when u agree with whats been said like in this situation :

A : wa7d kheyna jbedli mmi w khlit darbouh = a guy insulted my mom so i kicked his a**
B : “wa nichan”

hahaha… MAD, only you could give an example like that one :^^:

so it means smth like “right” ?

[quote=Touta]hahaha… MAD, only you could give an example like that one :^^:

so it means smth like “right” ?[/quote]
like “you got it right” or “exact” in almost same sense of “direct”, example:

A:Can you guess how old i am ?
B: 20 ?
A: nishan !!

yeah it could be like what u said but pay attention that the one i said is always used with the " wa " in the beginning :smiley: dunno why but this is an expression (atleast this is how we use it in my city )

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

ok ok in MAD’s city I m going to say this word with “wa” :smiley:

lolllll well just in that example i said i dont want them to laugh at ur darija :stuck_out_tongue:

ohhh… thanks MAD but anyway they ll laugh :unsure:

looolllll im the first one to laugh :stuck_out_tongue: so sorry but this is the truth :smiley: