Not sure what to do next...

I found several very useful phrases here like “I miss you” " I want to see you" and a few others. I sent them to him in an email and he laughed and said he loved it but Moroccan women are not as verbally expressive as American women. What does that mean?

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I agree with “him”. With translation requests here, I always take a moment to figure out a good way to say things. I figured out that we don’t say that kind of things in Darija. But hey, “I miss you”, and “I want to see you” are very basic things. These are part of our daily life, not necessarily used in a “love” context, if you see what I mean. We already had a discussion about Moroccans, and them expressing love though.
The question is: why aren’t Moroccan women as verbally expressive as American women? It’s most probably in the culture. We do not show much affection, even when felt.

As for what to do next, I don’t quite see what you need.

Getting back to you. You actually asked what he meant. He meant that Moroccan women (I say that it’s the case of men too, by the way!) are not good in expressing their feelings. They are not articulate, and they feel awkward letting their feelings out.
My opinion.