Not really a rock person...

But Rachid Taha has this song which is somewhat listenable lol

Rock el Casbah


Oh my God! I so know this song, and I so hate it. -lol-
Definitely not my kinda thing :hap:, but thanks for sharing it, it reminded me of how much I hate it :D.

Thanks for sharing this! I didn’t know the song. I think it’s great. THe original is still somewhat better though. Those of you who are my age young at heart and therefore love the 80’s and 90’s can download it here.

We don’t know your age! :wistle:

I had no idea that this song had made its way into another language. It is from the (well remembered, in my case) eighties, and in English it was titled, “Rock the Kasbah”… that is how I learned the word ‘Kasbah’, incidentally. The first actual ‘kasbah’ that I had the pleasure of visiting was the one in Tanja. It has a breathtaking view of the sea below, with a two hundred or so foot near vertical drop from the ‘kasbah’ to the water. Beautiful, and quite a hike to get to, as Tanja is known as ‘Tanja ul a3aliya’ for the very good reason that it is dominated by hills; you travel up, then down, then up… I lost a lot of weight that summer.