non-moroccan and moroccan marriage

can anybody share their experience or advise me on the subject of a pakistani girl marrying a moroccan guy.

I am willing to answer any questions,

i would be sooo grateful if anyone could give me some kind of insight into marrying a moroccan man.

please and thank you

I do not know what country you are in. But if you are planning on getting married in Morocco, here is a guidline, that is given to Canadians, getting married in Morocco.

To establish a Moroccan marriage certificate in Morocco, you will find hereafter, as an indication, a list of the principal necessary documents.

Request documents :
1- Request for marriage written in language Arab and intended for the Judge of the family court (Court of the city where the marriage certificate will be established);
2- Four (04) color photographs ;
3- Certificate of birth with complete filiation (names and first names of the parents) ;
4- Statement of criminal record (or lack thereof) issued by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) ;
5- Certificate of nationality delivered by the Embassy of Canada in Rabat - Morocco ;
6- Medical certificate attesting the absence of any transmissible disease ;
7- Certificate of conversion to Islam delivered by an approved imam (Moslem preacher) of a mosque, or a proof of Moslem confession ;
8- For the non Moslem women, the proof of their Jewish or Christian confession ;
9- Certificate of employment and wages ;
10- Act of divorce in the event of former marriage, duly legalized by the Canadian ministry of the Foreign Affairs in Ottawa ;
11- Certificate of death of the ex-husband for the widowers ;
12- Passport + copy of the page mentioning the date of entry in Morocco (proof of presence in Morocco) ;
13- Certificate of capacity of marriage, delivered by the Embassy of Canada in Rabat (certificate specifying your marital status…).
14- Statement of criminal record issued by the Morrocan Ministry of Justice in Rabat - Morocco ;
-*- Other documents are required by the Embassy of Canada in Morocco. They are listed in the following web-link : Marriage overseas.

Notes :

  • It is recommended to come into contact with your engaged couple in order to coordinate your steps near the Adouls (agents in charge of the establishment of the marriage certificate) and to inform themselves on all other documents possibly required.
  • It is to be also announced that all the documents will have to be translated into Arab language by a sworn in translator.

Thank you for the information, stealth. That’s really useful. I think that we can even have threads about all sorts of needed documents for all sorts of administrative procedures…
And wow, they ask for your wages in order to get married in Morocco? That’s too much! If the consulate asks for that to get a visa, that’s fine, but for the Adoul?

Anyways, Amira is from London, and I think that she actually needs some insight on the cultural side of the thing. Like how it is like to be in a mixed marriage probably, or how do Moroccans perceive non-Moroccan family members, etc.
Not sure though, Amira can probably tell us more about what she needs.

Yea, they want to know everything! It would be a good idea, to start a thread with documents required for getting certain things done. I could help out with the citizenship papers, as I just went through that haha.

Thank you stealth and thank you SM

stealth i will need your help and guidance maybe next year inshallah thats what we are hoping for.

And SM you are right i would like to gain an insight on the cultural side of the thing. Like how it is like to be in a mixed marriage,

the guy is a first cousin of my (mums brother) uncle’s wife,
my uncle got married in 2007 and ive known the family since then, i have been to morocco and stayed with them for 7 weeks in the summer 2008. his family are really nice, they really took care of us while we were there. but i dont know maybe it will all change once they know that i will be joining their family.

but from my uncles persective and aunts its different, to me and my guys situation.

as this is a girl going into a moroccan family not a moroccan girl going into a pakistani family.

any comments are deeply appreciated

inshAllah, just let me know.

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu ya Ukhti Humaira,

You are probably in a better position than any of us to judge the ramifications of a Pakistani/Moroccan marriage, seeing as your uncle is married to a Moroccan lady. Try to sit down with him in a private area and seek his advice openly and honestly, being willing to hear both negatives and positives. Stress to him how important it is that he give you guidance. Remind him of the Prophet’s hadeeth wherein a woman came to him seeking advice as to whom she should choose, between two suitors. Normally, it is forbidden to backbite people, but when serious contracts are being considered, the right of the one who will live with the results of the contract outweigh any saving of face to the potential contractors. The Prophet, peace be upon him, said, "As for so-and-so, he is broke, without the slightest property to his name. And, as for so-and-so, he never takes the stick down from his shoulder (i.e., he is the type of man whom one could easily imagine beating his wife.) He advised her to marry neither, in essence.

You are correct in your observation that the dynamics will be different with you, as a female, entering their fold. Families vary tremendously, and it would not be fair of me to set forth a ‘probable’ scenario. You must consider things like the general social status and wealth of the family, I am sorry to remind you. If you are coming from a significantly more affluent background petty jealousies may be a fact of life that you would have to live with if you married this man, however sweet he is. Remember, you are not marrying an individual; you will be bound at the hips to his sisters, mother, aunts, and other persons in their circle. If they see you as a spoiled little outsider, things could be bad. If they themselves are quite well off and, generally, well educated, it may not be an issue at all.

I am an American married to a Moroccan and, here in the US, I have seen many many mixed marriages. There is no hard and fast rule. But remember, the Prophet (peace be upon him) strongly suggested that people seek ‘al kaffa’a’ in marriage. ‘al kaffa’a’ means sameness and fitness; similarity in backgrounds. You are only nineteen years old, ma sha Allah; you have your whole life ahead of you. I urge you to finish University and whatever other educational goals you have set for yourself before you contemplate marriage. Being a wife (or, a husband) is not an easy thing. It is not all roses and poems and starry eyed encounters.

I do wish the best for you in everything you undertake. I would not make any decisions whatsoever without cornering your uncle and gleaning whatever information there is to be gotten from him. Also, watch his wife and how she treats him and others in your family. Appraise her character; her brothers and cousins may share many traits with her. Ask her, directly, what she thinks of her cousin; what are his prospects? Does he want to stay in Morocco? Is he a hot head? Real husbands and wives have to deal with many a difficult situation; you want someone with the mettle to withstand the onslaughts of time and changes in fortune.

Gotta go now; good luck.

Wa alik salam ya Ukhti ummaryam99

Thank you for your very much appreciated comments and advice, it really means alot that there are people out there who have so much to offer to those in are in need of their guidance!

Regarding my uncle, his wife is aware of the situation between me and her cousin and is happy for us, along with his older brother and few freinds and another female cousin and my sister who all know about our intentions.
my uncles wife told me not to tell my uncle just yet as she dont think it would be a good idea, not until her cousin is stable in his job and i myself have finished what i want to do before marriage (education).
i am in contact with her cousin as we we have the time now to get to know one another. and who knows maybe next summer might get engaged.

His family are wonderful, I’ve met his mother and father, 3 of his 4 brothers and his only sister. and because of my uncles wife i have met most of his mothers side family.
you mentioned my age, i just want to say to you that age is just a number i have always been very mature for my age, which my older sister doesnt like. do not worry my plan is to finish my education and then inshallah when i have graduated we can get married, lol i love your comment about being a wife “is not an easy thing. It is not all roses and poems and starry eyed encounters”
i know that it’s not easy but i am more than willing to deal with any problems that may come our way as husband and wife
he used to live in morocco workign in a family business but he left that to start a new life in france, at the end of last year, he is doing really well on his own marshallah. i have a lot of respect trust and love for him. he wants to stay in paris when we are married and i am all for it. inshallah my parents will also be as excited as we are
if you dont mind me asking:
how did you meet your husband? how long have you been married? what was it like for you? new culture language? how did you take to all of it? what si your life liek now do you mix moroccan with american? do you have children? what language are you teaching them?

Thank you sooo much for your wishes.

Got to go now;

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi,

I was rather hoping that someone else might contribute to this subject, as I have already made many comments. However, I do not wish to leave our little sister with the impression that no one is paying any attention to her post. I have been back several times to check on it, but, alas, nobody has said a thing.

Dear Amira, you say that age is only a number and you have always been mature. My mother used to tell people that I was “four going on forty”, so I can relate to your feelings of, perhaps, being out of sync with your peers. Despite your strong feelings that you are mature, and in no way denigrating them (you very likely are quite mature for your age) I must say that, even after all of that, you are not even twenty years old yet. You have not finished your education. You are contemplating leaving your homeland (by which I mean England) and establishing a new life in Paris… it does sound a bit romantic, on this side of the computer.

Romance is not an evil to be obliterated, but neither is it a lens through which the real world is easily understood. Your young man has only just moved away from Morocco. He is in Paris. Is he studying? Is he working? What kind of a job does he have? Reading between the lines (and admittedly going on very little information) it seems to me that your Uncle’s wife is a little concerned about the same issues which occur to me. You mentioned that she thought it best not to tell your Uncle until later, when “X” is more established. There is wisdom in those words. The truth is, it is difficult to immigrate/emmigrate from one country to another; difficult things are not always succeeded at. There is the possibility that he will not acclimate, or that he will not find suitable employment with which to support a family, or that he will struggle for many years at just barely keeping his head above water. He may need a long time to become established and stable. However wonderful he is, I hate to see you tying your destiny to his prematurely.

You are not yet a married woman, and, as such, you enjoy much more freedom than you will once you cross that mile marker. Husbands and wives are not independent individuals. They must think of each other when they make decisions. If you receive a fabulous fellowship to study in your dream University for one year, you may find yourself unable to accept it due to family obligations. After all, it does not usually work well for spouses to live lives wherein they rarely see each other.

I hope you will be able to hear these words as they were intended; as gentle advise, not harsh criticism.


Wa alik salam Ummaryam,

Sorry i have not been in this website, for a while.

I too hoped that others might have contributed to this subject, but it’s nice to see you answered my post again.

Thank you for your advice, trust me i took as gentle advise and not harsh criticism.

You are right, but my circumstances have changed slightly, and i have a chance to look at possible choices to undertake in my life now. “X” will inshallah be able to start thinking of marriage in a few years time, which gives me plenty of time to finish my education if i choose to or work.

thank you soo much for you advice, it means alot to me that somebody has taken time out of their schedule and answered my post.

sorry this is so short i will come back and add to it.

thlay frasseq xxx