nice here!!;)


i’ve been reading some of the execises and the translations here…and i should say that its really helpful for someone who wants to learn Darija!!:smiley:

And i should thank those who’s making a real effort help others learning Darija…i guess it reflects the great generosity of moroccan( et le maghreb en général)…just to say that i appreciate what you guys are doing!:hap:

p.s::on reading i came across a sentence, or a signature to be more precise, which i’d like to get the meaning plz…dhek qbel ma tmut

THNx a lot;)

dhek qbel ma tmut + laugh before you die

LOOOOOOL :mdr: :mdr: :mdr:

choukran bzf:D

Take a laugh before u die… cuz it’s the last time u will :smiley:

:mdr: :mdr: :wink:


ain’t that a spam???:huh:

Yes, that was spam. You can report it, and it gets deleted.

oh i didn’t know…

and i can’t be sure if it’s really a spam either!

[quote=yasmina]i don´t know why you write all this, is really very good information about website, but i don´t understand, do you want translation of this , or you have only shared it with us

admin deleted the very good information about websites!

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: