New request

since i don’t want to open a new topic for that… i just ask you translation for this sentence…

No,you can’t eat it. (you sing.)

thank you!!! :wink:

Of course you can open a new thread. It’s better to have separate requests in different threads. Imagine if the first person had a question about the first answer, then it will all get messed up. Threads are for free ;), so feel free!

So for your sentence:

Masculine singular:
Llâ, mâ tqdrsh tâklo/tâklhâ. [Depending on what the person can’t it, whether it’s a masculine of feminine thing]

Feminine singular:
Llâ, mâ tqdrîsh tâklîh/tâklîhâ.

uuuh that’s ok…i opened a new topic magically,…hihihi :mdr::mdr:
anyway thanks for your help SM!!! :ok:

That’s what an admin can do, magic ;).
You’re welcome, Sarah :).