New on SM: Cultural Forum

Suggested by Gretchen and Madridista.

wohooo, great, thanks a lot Admin and those that suggested it :slight_smile:

awe greaaaaaat thnx admin and mabrouk matzad 3ndk a SM

Thank alot Admin :slight_smile:
It’s really great to know more about Moroccan culture too, not only their darija, to get a full understanding of this beautiful country :slight_smile:

beautiful what hehehehehehehehehhehehh hania andewezha b jeghma dial lma

Btw Mad I’ve read ur post when u sent it but was offline so forget to reply./
I didnt understand…but anyway: beauty is in the eye of the beholder :stuck_out_tongue:

yes yes einstein’s relativity again :stuck_out_tongue:

won’t say anything…I’m gonna fly over some other board :stuck_out_tongue:

loooll c u around