New Moroccan internet radio

hi all

if you like good music we have an internet radio the purpose of it is to get moroccan over seas closer , you can request songs , give dedications and alos talk live about different topics or topics of the day . it’s free radio no profit no nothing just for fun for moroccans by moroccans

click here : moroccan radio with Winows player or on the net

comments are welcome

Er… I just tried your link to the radio online, and it doesn’t seem to be working for me.

And why do you have your domain name as .eu?

Thanks for sharing the link anyways :).

About the eu it’s just a listener who added the radio link to his site some people find it easy to go to a website to listen to radio , this radio as i said it’s just a hobby no site or anything . .com .net or .eu doesn’t make any difference i think the most important is the music played and the animation of the dj’s . just to add we have 4 dj some from morocco , belgium , usa and canada ( all moroccans ) that means there is diversity of music. enjoy it . to add if you want to talk live and give dedication we have live show where you can call the dj and request or dedicate any song the show is tuesday and thursday 7: 00 pm eastern usa time . thank you for you comments and support

Of course it’s not .eu that makes it anything than Moroccan, I just was curious to know!
I think the idea of receiving dedications on skype is a cool one.
Now is it just me or those links are not working? Did anyone else try? On the website, when I click on the player it just stops on its own without playing anything. And when I go to your player link, it says that the server sends wrong data. I wonder what’s going wrong.

Wow,very nice. I will give it a try now.Sorry, I don’t speak much french and little arabic so it’s english for me, I hope that’s okay