New Moderators for SM

I am pleased to announce that Nuwwara, MarocRulz, Tukha and Hiba are now moderators in SpeakMoroccan forums. They will keep an eye on you all :hap:, and you can address them or to me if you need anything with the forum.
Thank you girls :).


congratulation to you all !! :

Merci SM! and congrats girls!

and lol mun911 thats funny!! thnx !!

woweee congrats girls! Bust those rule breakers! yeahhHH lol

some <3 to all of youuu

This is so off topic right now but i just noticed the mario emoticon and i have to say I LOVE MARIO xD :supermario: yes i know i know im too old for it but i just love playing it, ok i’ll shoosh now =)

thnx MPM, luv u more! :wink: