never etc.

How do you say the following in darija:

never / jamais =

I can
You can (singular)
She can
He can
we can
they can
You can (plural)

:smiley: chukran

ana n9der
nta t9der
howa y9der / hya t9der
7na n9drou
ntouma t9drou
houma y9drou

chukran madridista olakin t9der ntarjama “never” bddarija aussi ?

:smiley: excuse my poor darancais

Ok, i wanna try the present tense of “ktb” - to write

ana nkteb
nta tkteb
howa ykteb / hya tkteb
7na nktebou
ntouma tktbou
houma yktbou

RIGHT? :unsure:

I think “never” in darija is abadan (I think…)

Question: I found somewhere that “can you help me?” in darija is “yemken lek t3aweni?” is it right, or it is just “teqdar t3aweni?”

& thanks in advance :slight_smile:

to LA :
yeah it was right ; well done …
to express never in darija u can use “abadan” as he said (which came from alfus7a ) but also u can use “jamais” as in said moskir’s song … jamais jamais nesme7 fik jamais jamais ana nkhellik looooolll
u can use also this expression , for example : ive never been in morocco = “3mri” mamchit lmeghrib

to Gret… :

both of them r right

YAY, got something right in darija for once… :smiley:

thanks Gretchen and Barca-ista (one day u will convert)

jamais is french, i want to stick to darija equivalents as much as I can… I don’t want to resort to french everytime i’m stuck :slight_smile: but thanksss, i will say “3omri” when i need to, and abadan also.


lalla dont mess with me looll ; i will never convert ok
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looooollll allahoma la to2akhidna bima fa3alo sofaha2o minna

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