need to understand

salam alikum
i was wondering if someone could explain why numbers are used in words when writing arabic in roman letters
example tw77shtk…
thanks Bushy x

wa alikom essalam bushy :slight_smile:
numbers refer to letters that do not exist in english language
2 = ? (hamza)
3 = ? (ain)
5 = ? (khaa)
6 = ? (Taa)
7 = ? (Haa)

thanx for the explanation to my question i undrstand now…
have a lot of trouble with my pronoucation, but hopefully with pratice and understanding of the language i will get there…
thanks again:^^:

thank you bushy !
I’m glad I was helpful to you
yes definitely your pronunciation will improve with practise and conversation
good luck and don’t hesitate to ask if you don’t know :smiley: