need to get translated.PLEASE:)

you know i love you, but i think i wont come In december because i want to try to forget you. ive lost 6 kilogramms since my morocco vacations,because i cant stop thinking of you.i cant concentrate in school .nothing. but i think your doing good.

hey, esmeraldababa, i’ll try!!
im going to assume that this is to a man:

rak 3arf kanbarik, wlakin wa9ila m3njich fi chehar douze 7it brit nensak.

ana tya7t six kilo depuis mes vacances au maroc, 7it me9dartch n7bess 3la tkhmom 3lik.

mknsma3ch lprofesseur (i don’t listen to the teacher, dsl, i didnt know how to translate “i can’t concentrate in school”)

nothing. but i think your doing good
walo. wlakin wa9ila nta bikhir 3lik

ireally apprecaite you help.schoukran bzf:)