Need some translation from Morocan to English

Hello good afternoon
I would like to learn Arabic, but the course only starts in september.
I got a message via messenger that I need to be translated can somebody help me with this?

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Hi @Chris welcome to this forum.
Sure, how can I help you?

Hi Marouane
Thanks a lot that you want to help me.
Let me just explain a little bit the situation.
I know a lot of people in Morocco, a country which I like a lot.
I have several Marocan friends online and now there is a group of young men that asked me to joint their group.
As I do not know them very well I want to make sure that I am not joining the wrong group.
They mostly write to eachother of course in arabic. So I do not know exactly what they are talking about. I already joined them in seprate conversations, but than mostly in French. That is why I would like you to help me and translate the last conversation that they had with eachother. I just want to know that they are nice people if you understand my position.
Here is the conversation - it could be in Berber I have no idea. Some words I do understand ,

Afin hadchi alkhwil salmat rak msabah “

“ Salmat chkon hadi “

“ Hahya 3and Llah Kharkosa jdida “

“Mzn hdi Ba9i fiha mayadar “

“R93a M3ndha Waloo”

“Iwa llah iyasar

Wach ghir warzazat

Rah ila tla3at nsawai fik “

“Chkon li m3ak “

“Rani dima bohdi

Wala Lahssan

S3dia egad eji

Lioma «

« Ok 3lik yalilaba «

« Rah fzwagr «

Thanks for your help

So Instead of translating the whole conversation and your main objective is just to know if they are nice people, I will only give an overall:
One told the other that he will probably visit him in warzazat (Moroccan city)

Hello Marouane
Thanks for you reply. I do not want to bother you but is it possible to give a little bit more translation of the conversation. I want to make sure that they are not lying; what you wrote is the opposite of what they told me…
Thanks a lot !