Need some help for translation

Hi trying to work out what my girlfriend sent me through text message
As I don’t know much of the language and a complete beginner
She sent me ??? ??? plz translate thanx any 1 or any idea plzzzzzzzzzzzz

Hi any ideas any1?

hubi is “my love”. Not sure what the 2nd word (munasatak?) means. Could be minstak.

Thanx for ur help, what could minstak mean thanx

dont know bro could be a mistake and she wants to say she is waiting (for you)

Ahh cool thanx bro

so how would you say “ana fintitharik” in darija?

she meant to say ?? ??? that means i didnt forget you

Nuts! I knew what that meant :slight_smile:
That “m” threw me off

Thanx guys so she said my love I didn’t forget you
Thanx again

witoub 3lek heavyguest

@sahir1: we will say ana kanstenak

Damn kinda getting confused here lol

@achmin - Merci

@ rizwanrashid

dont be confused, its just the difference between two words that are spelled close in arabic:

nsit - forget

asten - wait

Ohh ok cool