Need help translating- thanks in advance

mais tu sais safae walah makont mtwa9a3 ana ghada t7am9i bnadam b7al hakda hhhh hada wa9tak ou zmanak alalahom mais makrahtch diri 7dak fi foto ghiwlti i miss it walah
Yak a sidi, hadi hya denya, ghziwltak ma ndir photo dyalha m3aya, psk ghadi terba7ni fi lmonafasa…:wink:

This is a very raw translation:

But you know Safae, I never imagined that you’d make people go insane like this hhhh but this is your time and era, Lady. I would like you to put a photo with the cutie, I miss it, I swear
Oh yeah? This is life. I will not put a photo of me with your cutie, because she will win over me.

It’s open to other interpretations.

Thank you very much.